3 juni 2020 - 12 juni 2021

The National Gallery of the Faroe Islands displays the best of Faroese art. The collection consists of approx. 2,500 works, primarily paintings but also graphics, sculptures, installations and textiles. The oldest works are from the 1830's, and the collection goes all the way up to the present.

The National Gallery has arranged a large section of the museum for displaying the permanent collection. Here you can experience the Faroese nature and the unique landscape transformed into pictures. You can see pictures depicting the green mountains of the Faroe Islands, steep mountains, the surrounding sea, pictures of marvelous rocks and rock formations, the rich bird life, many sheep, the picturesque villages and not least pictures depicting the changing weather in the Faroe Islands.

Among the main works in the art museum's collection you will find an installation made out of glass and mirrors that the whole family can enter, and here you get the experience of floating in the middle of the sea. Optically you can see 700 meters up and down. Get ready for a dizzying art experience that challenges any fear of heights. Among the museum's distinctive gems are artworks made out of Faroese horse hair, a stuffed Faroese ram and raven and knitted and woollen artworks - art that you cannot experience anywhere else in the world.

The National Gallery is a top attraction for many travelers because the museum gives the visitor an experience of the land, nature and landscape transformed into pictures.

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