Heiðrik av Heygum: "Music Takes Shape"
Learn all about the artistic process involved in translating music into visual expression in the exhibition MUSIC TAKES SHAPE, which features the work of the Faroese multi-artist Heiðrik á Heygum.
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Alda Mohr Eyðunardóttir: "I Miss Everything All the Time" -
The exhibition "i miss everything all the time" with artist Alda Mohr Eyðunardóttir is on display in the foyer.
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Art from the collection
The National Gallery of the Faroe Islands administrates a large collection of Faroese art. Click here to see a selection of artworks from the collection and read more about them.
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A new work for the collection!

The National Gallery of the Faroe Islands has acquired a painting by Ruth Smith entitled 'Thunder in the Air, Vorupør' from 1939.


Culture Night 2021

Welcome to the Culture Night at the National Gallery on 10 September from 11 am - 20 pm


Opening: "Music Takes Shape" - Heiðrik av Heygum

Welcome to the opening of the new exhibition MUSIC TAKES SHAPE 3 September at 4-6 pm

With the large windows facing the beautiful park, the café in the Art Gallery is both bright and spacious. The café is a great place to enjoy a little refreshment. We have a large selection of art books, posters and postcards as well as free wifi.
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