1 mars 2019 - 14 juli 2019

Contemporary art is continuously put in focus at the National Gallery of the Faroe Islands. A couple months at a time, a new selection of the museums contemporary art selection is put on display in our “Winter room” with a view to the park. The art is in different formats and styles, and it highlights new art in a Faroese context.

This time the artist is Rannvá Kunoy (1975). The National Gallery of the Faroe Islands has received three paintings and four lithographs from New Carlsberg Foundation.

In 1999 Rannvá Kunoy graduated from the Royal College of Art in London with a degree in fine art painting and still lives in the city. In 2014 she had her international breakthrough with an exhibition at Centre Pasqueart in Bienne, Schweis and sales to Charles Saatchi Collection in London.

The four paintings are related to the paintings which she received international recognition for although the use of crystal pigment paint is more pronounced. The pigments makes the paintings change expression depending on ones placement in the room. In spite of the abstract expression of the artworks, some of them contain signs and letters, however hardly translatable. The inseparable and spiritual character of the artworks is enhanced by the shimmering pigment that create fleeting light glows and changing colour shades. 

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