6 september 2019 - 23 februar 2020

In the exhibition you can experience the Nordic landscape from its most beautiful side. Through big and small photographs, we take you on a journey to Iceland, Greenland, Denmark and the Faroe Islands. You can experience views from foggy mountaintops, green hillsides, steep cliffs, snowy landscapes and glaciers.

Nature can be stunningly beautiful in itself and the feeling of experiencing an almost untouched landscape is supported by the photographers behind the exhibition. There are no noisy tourists, coaches, traffic, pollution or racket here.

However, nature is not completely untouched when we look at it closely. In the pictures we find combustion chimneys, tourist boats and artificially placed road signs. Can you spot them too?

Although the pictures in the exhibition are beautiful and pristine, several of the artworks deal with stories about life and death. To capture these images the photographers have had to climb high mountain peaks, crawl into volcanic caves and creep up on porous sandbanks near glaciers. Often putting their lives in danger.

The meanings of the pictures also contain references to the photographers’ experiences with life, illness and death. The exhibition features a close-up of an orange cemetery wall where life at some point will end. And from the bottom of a snowy-filled volcanic cave, the Icelandic photographer relived her unborn baby’s life come to an end.

The title of the exhibition is “Less is North” because the three artists’ landscape photographs are minimalistic in their approach to the world and nature’s motifs. The pictures are anything but overloaded. The title plays on the famous slogan “Less is More” by the great minimalist in modernistic architecture Mies van der Rohe. His statement has later been twisted by younger architects: “Less is a Bore” (Robert Venturi) and “Yes is More” (Bjarke Ingels). With Less is North we are back at the starting point: The North depicted in a simple and cool way.


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+298 22 35 79
Gundadalsvegur 9, P.O. Box 1141 FO-110 Tórshavn, Faroe Islands