Changing Landscapes
11 February 2022 - 15 June 2022

From the 11th of February until the 15th of June, the National Gallery of the Faroe Islands sheds light on landscapes with the exhibition Changing Landscapes.

Landscapes are a substantial picture subject in Faroese art history and have fascinated artists for many generations. 

Faroese artists have historically had a strong tradition for painting landscapes in a romantic and idyllic manner, while contemporary art is continually moving towards other materials and expressions. Changing Landscapes challenges our traditional understanding of landscapes. 

Changing Landscapes sheds light on changes both in nature and in art and seeks to find out in which ways contemporary art reflects on the ongoing changes in the Faroese environment and nature.


Artworks by these artists are on display in the exhibition:

Ruth Smith, William Heinesen, Frida Zachariassen, Elinborg Lutzen, Bent Restorff, Jógvan Waagstein, Tita Vinther, Bárður Jákupsson, Thomas Arge, Alda Mohr Eyðunardóttir, Anný Djurhuus Øssursdóttir, Tummas Jákup Thomsen, Peter Højlund Palluth, ORKA, Ingi Joensen, Ole Wich, Brandur Patursson, Ragnhild Hjalmarsdóttir Højgaard, Oggi Lamhauge, Marius Olsen, Guðrið Poulsen, Súsan í Jákupsstovu, Rúni Weihe, Jana Jonhardsdóttir.

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+298 22 35 79
Gundadalsvegur 9, P.O. Box 1141 FO-110 Tórshavn, Faroe Islands