Tarp (2016-17), Jón Sonni Jensen
Latex, 265 x 685 cm

A visceral experience.

The large tarp makes some people curious and others disgusted. It activates the senses; the smell of the large artwork is special, and the desire to touch it is intense.

The title of the artwork is Tarp. It is 21 square meters, divided into seven sections, which are glued together and strung up on an iron bar, hanging in chains from the ceiling.

Tarp unites industry and biology. Tarp is short for tarpaulin, which is a large sheet of strong, flexible material. Chains and iron rods are most often used as building material. Latex is a milky white emulsion that comes from trees. As the liquid dries, it turns into rubber and gets its recognizable, yellow colour. In this form it resembles a membrane, like skin. It is partially transparent, and if you look closely you can see threads and patterns reminiscent of blood vessels and nerves.

The artwork is part of a series called Visceral Construction. Visceral relating to deep inward feelings rather than to the intellect and viscera to the internal organs. The artist, Jón Sonni Jensen, comments on the series: “It is an examination of what happens with the viewers when they encounter something that is so bodily, large, unpolished and abstract, which in a way is a reflection of themselves and at the same time arouses unrest and wonder.”

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Jón Sonni Jensen
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