July 7, 2022

The Rewilding and Earth Making Tour - Connectedness in Science and Art

On Wednesday 13 July at 5-7 pm: Presentations // Discussions // Exhibition


Presentations // Discussions // Exhibition


As part of a three year long project within the Nordic/Baltic art and science network ‘State of the Art Network’ (SOTAN), the Faroese SOTAN delegates are hosting a week long event/workshop entitled ‘The Rewilding and Earth Making Tour - Connectedness in Science and Art’.


The Faroese delegates are: Jón Sonni Jensen, Kim Simonsen, Guðrið Poulsen, Jón Aldará, Kolbrún í Haraldsstovu and Uni Árting. In addition to the six hosts from the Faroes, five SOTAN guests are visiting the Islands in the days 10th July - 17th July.


Along with several internal events during the week, the Faroese SOTAN delegates and their guests also invite you to two public events. These are:

- 13th July at 5pm-7pm - The National Gallery of the Faroe Islands: presentations, panel discussion, sound and exhibition

-  15th July at 1pm-5pm - The Barn (Fjósið) at G! Festival: presentations, interviews, video, sound and poetry readings.


The event at the National Gallery is an extension of an ‘Art Hike’ in Húsahagi earlier in the day, attended by the hosts and their guests. The presentations and exhibition are directly based on and inspired by this hike.


The event will be in English.


The programme for the evening:

- Jón Sonni Jensen welcomes everyone and gives a short introduction.


- Short presentations:

   - Guðrið Poulsen (FO): A Straight Line a Curved - A walk on the outskirts of town in 

      pictures and words.


   - Anne Cecilie Lie (NO): Sound Walking/Mesh Listening - Sound, omnipresent and

     physical, yet highly ephemeral offers possibilities of representing the ecological mesh we are

     inextricably entwined in.  


   - Jón Sonni Jensen (FO): The Dichotomy of Creation and Sustainability - Materiality

     and Accountability.


   - Eeva-Liisa Puhakka (FI): Salty Ice Blocks - Creative and elemental encounters between

     our senses, aesthetics, and the cultural perception - and how blue cows led me into creating



- Break.


- Panel Discussion.


The audience will be able to ask questions after the discussion and will be able to see the small exhibition that will be organized for this evening only.


You can read more about the network and the three year long project here:



If you want to follow along the SOTAN events of the week, you can do so on the public Facebook group: https: https://www.facebook.com/groups/3169680036581370


Wishing everyone a warm welcome!


March 20, 2023

New remarkable painting by Hansina Iversen

The painting Speaking in Tongues is now a part of our permanent collection
Les meira
March 18, 2023

Release Concert: Eyði Horsdal and band

Saturday, the 25th of March, Eyði Horsdal will perform his release concert for the publication of his comprehensive edition titled Songs with Eva.
Les meira
January 25, 2023

Exhibition opening: Faith and Image

The exhibition "Faith and Image" opens on Friday 3 February 2023
Les meira
January 10, 2023

Special Exhibition: "Faroese Contemporary" ends

16 January is the last day to experience the special exhibition "Faroese Contemporary".
Les meira
December 14, 2022

Closed at Christmas

December 19 2022 - January 5 2023
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