'retrOWspektIv - Ole Wich according to Goodiepal'
27 October 2023 - 11 December 2023

"My favourite showroom is your cranium," says artist Ole Wich, who turns 70 this year. He has been an active artist in the Faroese art scene for the past 35 years.

The quote above only reveals a lot about how the artist works and thinks. Ole Wich's creations cover a wide range of materials and expressions. However, there is a common thread in his approach and the themes he deals with. Most of his works are characterised by being conceptual and rooted in avant-garde art. In conceptual art, the idea or concept behind the artwork is of the greatest importance. Meanwhile, avant-garde art is known for being enterprising and pioneering, challenging existing concepts, forms, and structures.

Ole Wich has worked extensively on addressing societal issues through art, and these works often provoke conversations and sometimes discussions. Themes such as nationalism, openness, and nature management in the Faroe Islands are recurring in his artwork. Some works also address the Faroese art scene and art as a medium. Conceptually, Ole Wich creates artworks that challenge our perception of reality. Through art, he communicates direct and intriguing perspectives that stimulate thought – giving the artist access to our “craniums”. Using art to address societal issues and trends provides an alternative starting point for conversations and new perspectives – which is necessary from time to time!

Ole Wich has invited the multi-artist Goodiepal to select works for the exhibition, which is appropriately titled "retrOWspective – Ole Wich according to Goodiepal."

In connection with his 70th birthday, Ole Wich has compiled all his works in the new book "Autobiografisk oeuvre – frem til 2023” (tr. “Autobiographical oeuvre – up to 2023"). The book includes images and texts for the works written by the artist. The book will be presented at the exhibition and will be available for purchase at the National Gallery of the Faroe Islands.

The exhibition opens at the National Gallery of the Faroe Islands on October 27th from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Everyone is warmly welcome.

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