Experience our grand collection of Faroese art
The National Gallery of the Faroe Islands has been committed to present and collect a wide selection of fine art for almost 50 years. The collection consists of both modern and early Faroese art, including paintings, graphics, sculptures, installatio…
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The Sea
Experience a strong visual maritime culture in our grand special exhibition. The artworks depict the rapid development the country has undergone - through pictures, sculptures, ship models and stamps of the sailors in rowboats, smacks and trawlers. L…
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The National Gallery of the Faroe Islands administrates a large collection of Faroese art. Click here to see a selection of artworks from the collection and read more about them.
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Tattoos of the sea at the National Gallery of the Faroe Islands

WantedOf the many hundreds of Faroese men who went to sea in 1950s, 60s and 70s, several returned with at least one tattoo. Today our bodily expressions have gone haywire…


Today we premiere the museum's very first podcast!

The series "Artists of the Sea" (in Danish) shows how Faroese artists have been inspired by the sea in their creations.


We will grant anyone who submits a photo free admission to the museum and the opportunity to see our major special exhibition, ''The Sea''. 

Throughout the Faroe Islands, in both private homes and institutions, there are countless artworks portraying ships and boats. In many cases, they are unique pictures th…

With the large windows facing the beautiful park, the café in the Art Gallery is both bright and spacious. The café is a great place to enjoy a little refreshment. We have a large selection of art books, posters and postcards as well as free wifi.
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