Tróndur Patursson

The Blue Deep is a room with a mirrored floor and ceiling while the walls are coloured glass, illuminated by openings cut in the sides of the container, which surrounds the work.

The Blue Deep is the first of so far six similar installations prepared by Tróndur Patursson (1944). It was created in 1996 for an exhibition in Copenhagen. The container is a gift from the artist and was set up in 2012 at the Art Museum after a restoration paid for by the Nordic House in the Faroe Islands.

The Blue Deep is inspired by Tróndur Patursson's participation in historic sea voyages on reconstructions of prehistoric ships by the Irish historian Tim Severin.

The room inside the container measures about 2.2 m in height, 5 m in length and 2.5 m in breadth. Here the visitor is looking about 700 m down - and up. Through the mirrors and the light-blue walls, the visitor may experience the deep of the ocean, the infinity of the sky - and her own insignificance.

Art in Focus: The Faroe Islands Art Museum

Tróndur Patursson (1944): Autumn. 1999. Tempera on canvas, 260 x 194 cm.

The black signs on the coloured background change it to a space of colour expanding in depth.

The artist is inspired by the reflections of the steep mountainsides by the ocean. Here, the structure of he mountain appears as calligraphic symbols on a surface, which can be red, yellow, blue, green or grey as a result of different aspects of the sea in changing light.

The calligraphic symbols stream upwards like the lava out of which the Faroe Islands were once made. A connection is made to the forces that once gave form to the earth. In the unlimited space of colours the erupting structures become a symbol of the primordial forces of the universe.

The large formats of Tróndur Patursson's paintings also make their contribution to the experience of Cosmos. This experience becomes physical in his glass/mirror installation The Blue Deep elsewhere in the museum.

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