Contemporary art is continuously put in focus at the National Gallery of the Faroe Islands. A couple of months at a time, a new selection of the museums contemporary art selection is put on display in our “Winter room” in the permanent exhibition. The art is different formats and styles, and it highlights new art in a Faroese context.

The artist this time is Hansina Iversen (1966). Her art is non-figurative and focuses on colours and shapes and the interaction between these two.

In January 2018 Hansina Iversen exhibited at the graphic workshop Steinprent in Tórshavn, where the museum acquired five paintings. Hansina Iversen’s artworks almost never have titles. Nevertheless, these paintings have a joint title, namely Portraits of the Loved Ones.

Hansina Iversen has been an active artist for many years. When she worked on these paintings, she recognized several of the shapes that appeared on the canvas. They were like old acquaintances that returned to her art again and again. In this way, the paintings can be perceived as “portraits” of the shapes closest to her.

Although the style is typical of Hansina Iversen and the shapes have been seen before, the paintings are innovative and investigative. They show a new direction for the artist. The compositions are fresh and characterized by contrasts: Hansina Iversen mixes strong and deep colours with weaker colours and pastels. These make up both saturated and transparent shapes. The strokes are static and dynamic, and all this creates a tension between flatness and depth.

The “portraits” and the joint title give us something to work with. We do not float about in the unknown as we usually do with Hansina Iversen. We have a clearer idea about how to experience the artworks. They are intense, and the interplay between lines and colours are powerful and infinite.

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