Focus on Contemporary Art: Hanni Bjartalíð

Contemporary art in the permanent exhibition

Contemporary art is put into the spotlight in a section of the permanent exhibition at the National Gallery of the Faroe Islands with the title "Contemporary art in Focus". The exhibition changes around every oher month, and shows contemporary art in all different sorts of styles and media. Right now art by Hanni Bjartalíð is displayed: small, colourful houses made out of driftwood and a series of artworks painted on wood. Upcoming views on the contemporary will display art by amongst other Hansina Iversen and Guðrið Poulsen.

About the artist:
The painter and sculptor Hanni Bjartalíð (b. 1968) is one of the most important talent in modern Faroese art. He treads new routes, and most importantly, he does it in a convincing way. Initially, Bjartalíð's art appears raw and childlike, whether it is painting or drawing/graphics or the sculptures in the form of small houses of recycled wood which are highly original contributions to the Faroese contemporary art scene. This is carried out within the framework of storytelling about modern life, which can be full of poetry and dreams but is often interspersed with rough humour.

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